Aerial Video & Photography

Paul Barker is a qualified drone pilot with CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). In the UK this is a mandatory requirement for being able to carry out paid work with a drone. As well as a 2 day ground school and 1 day flight assesment, commercial drone insurance is a requirement of the PfCO. In addition you will be hiring a pilot with many flying hours, with a huge experience of drone flying in many different situations. 

As a further enhancement for film making we have also invested in the dedicated DJI VR Goggles. These connect to the controller so a director can get a fully immersive view of exactly what the camera is seeing while the pilot uses a tablet to fly the drone.

Every drone pilot's favourite mission is probably filming. It's the most creative and the most challenging. Modern drones have the ability to shoot cinema quality video, and either using dual controls with a camera operator, or using the smart flying modes available, it is possible to get shots that would be impossible with helicopters, and at a fraction of the price.

Aerial filming with a drone is a mixture of technical, artistic and skill. With our extensive background in photography and video, we approch aerial filming by visualising the result we want to acheive, then calculating the best way to realise it. Be it film, television or newsgathering with our combination of equipment and flying skills, we can deliver the results you want. We fly very frequently and practise all the skills required to be able to any task.

Take a look at our showreel of glorious Yorkshire Dales footage. For maximum impact select the highest quality and view in fullscreen. 

With a backgound in video rather than aviation, we approach aerial filming by visualising the final result, and then with the use of smart technology and skillful flying, we make it happen.

We are currently flying the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. It is an incredible aircraft. It's speed, stability and manouverbality in the air are exceptional, and the advanced smart tracking features, enable amazing shots to be acheived, that would be very difficult with a lesser drone. A top speed of 45 mph and acceleration from 0-40 mph in 5 seconds, means that for motor sport aerial work, the Phantom 4 Pro is a great choice. 

The camera has a 1 inch sensor capable of capturing 4k video at 60 frames per second in h264, or even higher quality h265 at a data rate of 100mbps. The quality is superb and is more than sufficient for television and film useage. A wide variety of colour profiles, including D log and Cine log retain huge amounts of information for post production colour grading and use of luts.

As well as the outstanding Phantom 4 Pro aircraft we also have the 'Plus' version of the remote control. This has an HDMI port that delivers 1080p high definition video, which means that this combination of equipment can be used to live stream broadcast quality video from the drone. Connect the HDMI output to and tranmitter device such as a Live U box, or even YouTube and you can broadcast to anywhere. We can also convert to an SDI signal for longer cable runs or higher spec devices.