Aerial Video & Photography


In January 2021 the distinction between commercial and non commercial  drone work came to end, but to fly anything larger than very small (250g) drone, in anything other than the middle of nowhere, still requires qualifications, insurance and authorisation from the CAA.

For most filming work I use the DJI Inspire 2 drone with the Xenmuse X5s camera. This is a micro 4/3rds camera that shoots superb cinematic footage.  The ability to change lenses on the camera to give different optical perspective is something that cannot be achieved with smaller drones, and enough of a reason on its own for using this drone, but additionally I have the Cinema DNG Raw, and ProRes licences activated, so can film in the highest quality codecs required by high end TV and films. This really is as good as it gets without having to resort to 'heavy lift' drones than can carry actual cinema cameras, which are incredibly expensive and have relatively short flight duration times. 

As a further enhancement for film making we have the dedicated DJI VR Goggles. These connect to the controller so a director can get a fully immersive view of exactly what the camera is seeing while the pilot uses a tablet to fly the drone. Alternatively we can set cup a director's monitor.

Every drone pilot's favourite mission is probably filming. It's the most creative and the most challenging. Modern drones have the ability to shoot cinema quality video, and either using dual controls with a camera operator, or using the smart flying modes available, it is possible to get shots that would be impossible with helicopters, and at a fraction of the price.

Aerial filming with a drone is a mixture of technical, artistic and skill. With our extensive background in photography and video, we approch aerial filming by visualising the result we want to acheive, then calculating the best way to realise it. Be it film, television or newsgathering with our combination of equipment and flying skills, we can deliver the results you want. We fly very frequently and practise all the skills required to be able to any task.

Take a look at our showreel of glorious Yorkshire Dales footage. For maximum impact select the highest quality and view in fullscreen. 

With a backgound in video rather than aviation, we approach aerial filming by visualising the final result, and then with the use of smart technology and skillful flying, we make it happen.

The Inspire 2 an incredible aircraft. It's speed, stability and manouverbality in the air are exceptional, and the advanced smart tracking features, enable amazing shots to be acheived, that would be very difficult with a lesser drone. A top speed of 56 mph and amazing acceleration  means that for motor sport aerial work, the Inspire 2 is a great choice. 

The X5s has a micro 4/3rds sensor capable of capturing 5.2k video up to 30 frames per second, or 4k video up to 60 fps, in Cinema DNG or ProRes 422 HQ, and 30 fps in ProRes 4444XQ, as well as the more conventional h.264 100mb/s.   The quality is superb and the high bitrates from Raw or ProRes files, allow the heavy colour grading required when shooting in  log gamma.

The controller for the Inspire 2 has an HDMI port that delivers 1080p high definition video, which means that this combination of equipment can be used to live stream broadcast quality video from the drone. Connect the HDMI output to and tranmitter device such as a Live U box, or even YouTube and you can broadcast to anywhere. We can also convert to an SDI signal for longer cable runs or higher spec devices. 

We always fly with ultra high brightness Crystalsky monitors so exposure and colour balance can be accurately monitored even in the brightest conditions .

A few more videos and showreels to wet your appetite