Aerial Video & Photography

Paul Barker is a qualified drone pilot with CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). In the UK this is a mandatory requirement for being able to carry out paid work with a drone. As well as a 2 day ground school and 1 day flight assesment, commercial drone insurance is a requirement of the PfCO. In addition you will be hiring a pilot with many flying hours, with a huge experience of drone flying in many different situations. 

Another great use for the Inpire 2 is as a cinema quality steadycam. Take the props off and the arms become handles to support the drone while the gimbal keeps the shot perfectly level and beautifully smooth. Its not quite the same as a full vest and spring loaded arm, but its a lot quicker, easier and less expensive.

Every drone pilot's favourite mission is probably filming. It's the most creative and the most challenging. Modern drones have the ability to shoot cinema quality video, and either using dual controls with a camera operator, or using the smart flying modes available, it is possible to get shots that would be impossible with helicopters, and at a fraction of the price.

With our extensive background in photography and video, we approch aerial filming by visualising the result we want to acheive, then calculating the best way to realise it. Be it film, television or newsgathering with our combination of equipment and flying skills, we can deliver the results you want. 

Take a look at our showreel of glorious Yorkshire Dales footage. For maximum impact select the highest quality and view in fullscreen. 

With a backgound in video rather than aviation, we approach aerial filming by visualising the final result, and then with the use of smart technology and skillful flying, we make it happen.

We have recently upgraded and are now flying the DJI Inspire 2 drone with the Zenmuse X5S camera, DJI CINESSD drive and Prores Licence. 
The Inspire 2 is an incredible aircraft. It's speed, stability and manouverbality in the air are exceptional, and the advanced smart tracking features, not found on any other drone, enable amazing shots to be acheived, that would be very difficult with a lesser drone. A top speed of almost 60 mph and accelleration from 0-50 mph in 5 seconds, means that for motor sport aerial work, the Inspire 2 is the only serious choice. 

What truly sets it above any other sub 7kg drone is the camera. There are a number of options available but we have the X5S, and to support the highest levels of film quality we have invested in the Apple ProRes licence. Combined with a solid state drive within the body of the drone, the camera can record 5.2K in 422HQ at a bitrate of 1.3 Gbps, 4K Ultra HD in 422HQ at a bitrate of 900 Mbps and in 4444XQ at a bitrate of 2 Gbps. To put this in perspective, a 240 Gb drive will hold around 16 minutes of footage.

The quality is not just good, it is amazing. We could go one better and get the Cinema DNG licence, but for most film-making applictions ProRes 422 HQ is more than good enough, and delivers files in a very easily usable format which can be edited without and need for conversion, and provides plenty of information for colour grading. To "turn it up to 11" 4444XQ provides virtually the same quality as Cinema DNG with non of the hassle. The option to record in various LOG colour profiles makes this a camera which can be used for Hollywood productions.